Welcome to Mavorswenera®

Mavorswenera® Sandvich is an online art-and-design magazine that specializes on future forecast, and analyses the above-mentioned topics primarily from a philosophical perspective. This magazine is sub-divided into eight categories: culture, fashion, arts & crafts, design, landscape, technology, multimedia and architecture. Since “Sandvich” pursues a truly interdisciplinary approach in understanding current developments in today’s society and the creative fields, all categories are interconnected and together constitute a sort of textual “sandwich.” Secondly, the magazine seeks to promote a wider use of digital art (both 2D and 3D) in classic design disciplines like, for example, fashion and textile design (see Umají or Supăsuit), which is still in its beginning stage as of today. This magazine uses socalled Symchąs (short for “symbol characters”), completely virtual models, to illustrate its underlying philosophical concepts. If you’re a design company or advertising agency, and seek to use a “Symchą” for your products, please contact us.

Mavorswenera® Notellas is a new, ambitious, and original digital reading platform that aims to present an exciting and unique reading experience in the form of so-called “Notellas” we hope you’re going to love as much as we’ve loved creating them for you. The word “Notellas” is a compound word from the words novellas and [sticky] notes, meaning stories that are structured in short, tight sentences, exactly like the messages on Post-its, or texts in comic book speech bubbles, with no wasted words or phrases. Reading notellas, a Mavorswenera® original, is both a thrilling, dynamic, surprising, thought-provoking and exciting adventure as well as a really cool way to wind down a little, becoming relaxed, unstressed, peaceful and at ease. If you are a science fiction, fantasy, horror, or mystery fan, you’ll really enjoy our online reading platform and the great variety of stories being presented here, all of which are a unique, creative, and well-crafted mixture of neo-Gothic, Dark Romantic, and Asian pop-cultural literature and artwork.

With a subscription of only $5.00 monthly, you’ll get full access to our digital reading platform and can enjoy all the stories and chapters published here, all available for less than the cost of only one cup of coffee a day. In particular, you can read our stories on your computer, tablet, and other mobile devices such as your smartphone. Even though currently the publication rate of our notellas may still be a little irregular or slow, mainly due to a lack of time and resources, we will do our best at trying to update at least one chapter a week. We kindly ask for your understanding. Thanks a lot. Of course, we will always attempt to better and improve our services and we already have some great ideas in mind for the near future, such as including a cool sticky-note-like comments function allowing you to place your personal comments, ideas, and suggestions anywhere you’d like on the story page itself. Additionally, we would like to use more images and icons for our notellas, so if you are a great digital artist, please contact us via email.